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The Unifying Effect of Law


I heard Trey Gowdy give a speech recently in which he mentioned that one of the most unifying principles in a culture is … law. The law of the land requires that the rich and poor all come together in unity to behave in the same way. And it requires people from all races to behave in the same way. A culture that abides by and enforces its laws consistently with all citizens from top to bottom will be a unified culture.

But when law breaks down, disorder breaks out, and disunity runs wild. When the top leaders of a nation no longer regard the law as binding, then the rest of culture follows suit. This is a huge divider in a culture.

So, as we move forward as a country, one of the most unifying things we can do is to reestablish the principle that we are a nation of laws. Lawlessness leads to discord. Lawfulness leads to peace.

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