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Every responsible Christian prays daily for their children or grandchildren. We pray for God’s blessing and protection throughout their days. We pray for them to be happy. We pray especially when they’re struggling or causing us concern. But you know how it is…sometimes it’s just hard to know what to pray, and we can always use a little help in that area.

That’s why I’m grateful that a friend of mine, years ago, wrote an article that has been published countless times in hundreds of places and been translated into Spanish, Korean, Swahili, and other languages. It has appeared as “31 Ways to Pray for Your Kids,” “A Parent’s Prayer Program,” and “31 Biblical Virtues to Pray for Your Children.” It was adapted into a prayer card that many people have kept in their Bibles or purses and worn out in praying for their children, grandchildren, students, nephews, nieces—and even themselves.

And now that 31-day prayer plan is available as an iPhone and iPad app through the iTunes store. It gives people a way to pray more purposefully and intentionally for the kids they love, providing a Scripture-based prayer for each day of the month. The first prayer, for example, is “Lord, let salvation spring up within my children, that they may obtain the salvation that is in Christ Jesus, with eternal glory” (Isaiah 45:8, 2 Timothy 2:10). The second prayer is, “I pray that my children may ‘grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ’” (2 Peter 3:18). Other prayers focus on Christian virtues and the fruits of the Spirit, asking for kids to develop courage, purity, self-control, and “a love for God’s Word.”

“31 Ways to Pray for Your Kids” is easy to use. It features beautiful graphics and allows you to set a daily reminder so you never have to miss a day. Each prayer takes just a minute to pray and provides a link to the supporting Scripture.

The app is only available right now for iPhone or iPad users. I’m told that the $1.99 price may make possible future Android versions and a Spanish-language app.

We use our phones and other devices for all sorts of things these days. This is one application of technology that I think could make a huge difference in Christian families and future generations.

You can get the app here!






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