Boston Massacre 2013

Boston Marathon Bombing

What a sad sight to see the various video clips and photos of the bombing at the Boston Marathon.  My heart is truly heavy with such images.  It is so sad to see the pain that sin and evil bring to our world.

I was discussing these events with a friend this evening who is also one of the elders at our church.  He told me how sick he is of seeing bloodshed and violence so frequently all around us today.  Then he said, “If I’m sick of this, can you imagine how disgusted God must be to observe this constant state of evil in the world today?”

Wow, that was a very perceptive thought.  What must God think when He looks down on all of this?

One thing is for sure:  this is not a political problem, this is a spiritual problem.  The only hope for this world is abundant life through Jesus Christ.  In the midst of such darkness, let’s share the Light!

One thought on “Boston Massacre 2013

  1. 2 thing glorify god’s name recorrect godly life in jesus

    sorrows are always good because they are make close relationship with jesus.

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