“The One Book That’s Always Relevant”

The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever.

(Isaiah 40:8)

I have three teenagers living in my home, and I find it amusing to see the trends that their generation seems to love!  Messed up hair is OK now. Fashion companies can now sell jeans that have the holes already in them … for a rather high price, even!  Nerdiness and social awkwardness are the “new cool.”  Nice.  Yes, very nice.  Why can’t they come up with really great fads like I had in my day?  You know.  Like the mullet!  Well, maybe those fads weren’t much to be proud of after all!

Each generation has its fads, it seems.  And with each generation seems to come a renewed call to be relevant.  You are nothing if you are not relevant!

One of the fantastic claims of the Word of God is that it “stands forever.”  God’s Word does not come and go like other books, movies, dramas, and fads of each generation.  God’s Word is a compilation of inspired writings that are relevant to every generation, every culture, and every class of people in history.  Wow!  Take a moment to stop and think about that!  Who could ever compose such a document – other than God Himself, of course!

As you study God’s Word, take time to see what He has to say about your work, your marriage, your parenting, and your journey with Him.  Seek Him on a personal level and not just on an academic level.  Seek His answers that He has given you that will help you to live your life better … today!


Today’s big idea: God has written His Word in such a way that it is truly relevant to every generation.


What to pray: ask God to help you to apply His Word to your life today in a way that is relevant to the specific issues you are facing.



Chris Russell

Veritas Church (Cincinnati, OH)

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