Life’s Ultimate GPS System for Our Lives!

The entrance of Your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple. …. Direct my steps by Your word, and let no iniquity have dominion over me.

(Psalm 119:130, 133)

I don’t mean to overstate this, but … the invention of the GPS system for cars has practically changed my life!  OK, I’ll admit that I may have overstated that, but you have to know how bad I am with directions to fully appreciate that statement.  I used to get lost all the time, but now that I own a GPS system for my car, I can get around most cities in America with ease!

One of the things I like most about my GPS system is that it quickly updates my route even when I make a wrong turn.  You would think that wrong turns would be history since I’m using a GPS, right?  Well, that’s not the case.  I still make wrong turns, but that no longer means that I am lost when that happens.  You see, when I veer off the path that the GPS has set before me, it merely says, “Recalculating,” and then it gives me a whole new path based on where I am at that moment.

Do you see what a beautiful picture this is how God’s Word works in our lives?  The Bible claims to be a guide for our paths in life.  And the great thing about the way it works is that it can always “recalculate” where we need to go based on where we are at the moment.  We all veer off path in our Christian journey, and that’s when God’s Word can quickly “recalculate” a new path based on where we are at that moment.

Do you ever feel like you are just too lost?  Do you ever feel like you have just gotten too far off of the path that God has for you?  Not so!  Just dig into the Scriptures to find that new path toward wholeness in Christ.  You are never too lost or too far off the path for God to rescue you and bring you back to where you need to be!  How amazing is that? What a great God we serve!

Chris Russell

Veritas Church of Cincinnati

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