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Did you know that God has called us to a rational faith?  He puts no premium on ignorance, and the Christian faith is certainly not a blind faith as some allege.  The very term “disciple” means “learning one,” and so God has called us to engage our minds as we go deeper with Him. As a pastor of a church in northern Cincinnati, Veritas Church, my passion is to help people connect with God in a way that will change their lives forever.  Perhaps this blog will be a part of that process for you!


Chris Russell

Veritas Church (Cincinnati, OH)

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the SensibleFaith blog!

  1. I am always sad to hear that Christianity may be placed in the realm of being unreasonable. Ignorance is not holiness, just as human discovery is not divine. An artist is the closest thing we have to having a role as creator, yet we pale by comparison. If the general scientific community would review the life teachings of Christ… taking their eyes off some weak manifestations and to (really explore) the mission of God’s purpose with what we choose to do in this life, then they would fully realize the ultimate “discovery”. The discovery that we are self-actualized and accomplished only when we recognize Him – and reach out to serve others. God is not fearful of our theories and explorations… He welcomes them. Or there would be no mandate (Mt) to “go and make learners/followers”. Humility is seeing ourselves as God does. When we become proud of our observations and inventions, we have to remember that it all comes from basic elements that God has designed. We can look to the center of the universe, but we will find that it is not us.

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